Friday, April 18, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo/ 'My World of Glass'

So, this past month I've been participating in a competition called "Camp Nanowrimo". It is the mini-'summer' version of my Nanowrimo competition. In this one you don't get as many prizes, but you can set your own goal so you don't HAVE to write 50,000 words. And you get put into cabins with other people you can talk to. It's a lot of fun and it gets you ready for November.

I've been working on this book called My World of Glass since around Christmas time. One day when I was brushing my teeth the idea literally fell into my head. I could see all of my characters in my head and I heard one of them talking to me. Yes, it may sound schizophrenic, but it has created an awesome story. I love my main guy character (Though you don't learn much about him until near the end sadly) and I wish I could write the story in his point of view. Sadly, I can't. It would give everything away really quickly.

I love the idea of this story, though it is my only book I have written that I have not censored. Meaning there are three cuss words in there so far. Granted that's 3 in 50,402 right now, but that's more than all of my books combined. But they fit in and they are only used sparingly (the first time was referencing a place, the second time was for emphasis, and the third time Demetri actually corrects himself). The story is excellent, if I do say so myself, and the writing is my best quality yet. I absolutely love how it's all come together and the twists it has been taking. It's all amazing.

I have sold a few copies of Beyond the Unknown, so that's been fun, but what I'm disappointed in is how I know each of the purchasers by name. (Alright, one of them my dad knows better because they are coworkers, but still. I know them in a round about way) I was really hoping I could have sold one not to someone in Utah by now. That could have been really cool. Oh well. :) I am enjoying life and I am so lucky to have the support group I have. Thank you all so much!!


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