Beyond the Unknown 2: Revealing the Unknown

The sequel to Beyond the Unknown called Revealing the Unknown is completed and edited, and a few copies are printed and floating around my home town. Many people have read it and loved it, just like the first book in the series. Many more love it more than the last. It's very confusing to me as I really did not like this book. I put more personal emotional issues in it than the last, including a nightmare.
Mentioning the nightmare, people will be able to see exactly how scary my mind is. In this book the nightmare is a big part of the book and I can't exactly take it out. Thank you +KJ Ward , you're the best big sister for helping me with that scene! I just have to warn all of my readers that it could come as a shock, and I really tried to get around it, but nothing worked. Sorry. Everyone who has read it says it's fine though, so that's a plus.
I can put the "official" excerpt on here if you absolutely want it... but I am not sure who would want the "spoiler".

Let me know if you have any questions! E-mails are always welcomed!

Beyond the Unknown 3: Uncovering the Unknown coming soon!

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