Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Iron Butterfly Series (Chanda Hahn)

So as my few followers know, I don't actually post about other books very often, but I have a point to make about this book.
I read +Chanda Hahn 's Iron Butterfly book in the 9th grade with my very good friend. I loved it, but I got so busy with life that I never continued reading the trilogy. My friend, however, he did. He read it and very highly recommended the second book. (He didn't know the third was finished until I found it and told him.) This week I've been dealing with quite a few things on my plate that have really been emotionally detrimental. And, if you ask my mom, she'll actually tell you it's been longer than this week. But one day in math while I was bored, (come on, who really enjoys math?? Not me.) I opened my kindle app on my phone and started re-reading the Iron Butterfly book. I exasperated some friends because for the next day or so, that was all I would do. "What are you doing?" Oh, just reading this AMAZING book. Anyway, after I finished the first, I finally, three years later, bought the second book. And finished that within a day and found the third one and bought it.

These books follow a young woman named Thalia and her adventure. She meets many friends . . . feels the whip of many betrayals . . . and is such an easily relatable character for me. If you look at my copy of the first book I have so many highlights for what I connected to my freshman year. Most of them still held true. I felt like Thalia is a girl who will be hurt again and again, but she finally finds how she's supposed to live without relying on really anyone but herself. Yes, she does lean on some people throughout the trilogy, but she finds strength within herself to live again and again. There are many parallels in this story with my life, and not only with the characters. Yes, I have my own Joss, my own frustratingly perfect Kael, my tough on the outside Bearen, and even the confusing Syrani. But I also have the painful memories of my own Septori, and to go to an extreme, I have my own painful Iron Butterfly that changes me whenever I encounter it.

I have read many fantastic books, but Hahn has written one of the most amazing in my humble opinion. I wholly encourage you to check it out. Read more here about the book and where to find it. Don't just stop with the first one, even though it is absolutely amazing. To get the full effect, you must read on.