Sunday, June 22, 2014

Almost Sequel?

This post has nothing to do with my recently published book Beyond the Unknown. Sorry. I do have a question for my readers that I really do need answered.

I wrote a book in April for "Camp Nanowrimo" called My World of Glass. It's a book I'd been writing since a few days after Christmas 2013 and I finished it a little bit into June. It was long and was pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Anyway, my problem is I want that book to be edited and made even more amazing, but I want to write the same book in a different character's perspective. Is this a good idea? Or should I just go through and do the alternating chapters thing? All I know is that if I did make them two separate books then Dessa's perspective would be book one (that's the book I just finished) and Demetri's POV would be book two. I love Demetri and want him to have his say and I want to write the book in his point of view but I don't know which would be easier or more practical. The book is already relatively long (for books I write, still relatively short compared to the world's standard) and it would probably double in length if I did Demetri's POV. But the thing is, I want to have this book with the same scenes and very little differences, just in a different character's POV. That's not how you do alternating chapters. I'm so confused about it! So I decided to go on and ask my blog readers for their opinions. Should I edit My World of Glass and add in alternating character's chapters and have the same scenes from Demetri's POV, or should I just write a "Part Two" almost sequel? What say you, world?