Beyond the Unknown

     This is my very first published book. Not my first written book - those are still in progress to be completed, and to be brutally honest, I hate them and you'll probably never see them - but this is the first book my 'supporters' decided to get published for me.

     A very brief description:
A society lives on the moon and must overthrow the dystopian government.

Now for the "official" description:

Addison and her twin sister are nothing alike. They don't agree on anything, except one thing: Revealing the secrets of the moon. When the sisters and their friends refuse to obey the Enforcers, all of humanity is put into jeopardy as they try to strive on the moon. As they fight to undo what they've done, they learn the importance of bonds - and loyalty to those bonds - through this fight of survival.

    Originally this book was just a single novel. It was actually my 2011 Nanowrimo book. I just wanted to get the 50,000 words. And I did! 50,469 words when I finished. (more than 77,000 when it's been published) That's a lot in a teenager's perspective.
    When I got it printed in 2011 (courtesy of Createspace) my mom read it. And the first things she said was "What happens now?" Thinking she meant what I would do with it, I responded by saying I was done with it. "No, you're not. You left it wide open for a second one." So, in November 2012, I took on the ultimate challenge. Better a "perfect" (or nearly so, in my opinion) book by giving it a sequel.
Beyond the Unknown 2: Revealing the Unknown was a complete, utter, failure. I was going to wait until November 2013 where I would try to rewrite book two. But instead, I tried to edit the second book. Go to the next tab for more information.
     Thank you for all the support I've gotten!

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