Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey there! Countdown begins!

So, first round of edits aren't done yet (the deadline is November 1st) but that's soon!! And then I'll try to only take a week so that the next round can begin. Three more weeks after that gets us the second round of edits. I'll take three days on that, and then I'll publish! That puts us somewhere around December 10, 2013!! It's getting close! And in the mean time, I'll spend November writing book 3. Depending on demand for the second book within the first little bit will determine when I will get the second one taken care of.

The other reason I am posting today, is that I am completely shocked by the amounts of page views I've gotten and from where they've been!
 I highlighted a few of the things that impress me the most. The amounts of page views in the US is really cool, but hasn't changed much lately. In Russia alone, there have been eleven! Australia, Chile, two very strange places for my page to pop up. I'm super excited! Keep telling people about this and we'll see what happens when I actually get published!!

Thanks for all of the awesome support.
Rose Winters

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