Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10th - THE BIG DAY! ...Or not

So, here's the tenth. The big day. And it cannot happen. My book will not be published today, I am very dearly hoping that I can publish it before school ends because after that I will not be home much (but please still email me if you have comments and/or questions! *QUESTIONS ARE EXTREMELY WELCOME!!*). I will be published this year (2013) no matter what. Thanks again for all my support!

P.S. Another -minor- reason for not publishing today, I would need to do a lot of typing to finalize things. And even typing this post is hurting my left wrist. A lot. During the month of April (Camp Nanowrimo for all who are wondering...) I have way over used my hand due to my constant typing of my new book and playing piano and guitar. So for now I will say "¡adiĆ³s!" and I will keep sending out updates as they come.

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